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Sanded & Primed Frat Formal Coolers

SratStar set out to make the entire cooler painting process fun and easy and that is just what our products do! We understand that the prep work needed to make a traditional cooler paintable is difficult and time consuming. So, we decided to make a cooler that is specifically made for painting! Our Coolers and kits make cooler painting fun and easy and save you money, time, and effort!


Sanded & Primed

Our paintable coolers are sanded by industry professionals and primed using automotive grade primer. Our proven process ensures your custom painted cooler will last for years to come!

Cooler Painted Inspiration for fraternity or sorority event
Girly Sorority Custom Painted Cooler

Flat Sides

Our paintable coolers have flat a canvas which means you will never have to paint around logos, cupholders, or indentations. Our Flat sides ensures your custom painted cooler will be the star!

Removable Parts

Our SratStar coolers have easily removable parts so you can paint and seal your frat coolers quickly and easily. The removable parts on our paintable coolers ensure you only get paint where you want it!

SratStar Painted Cooler

Painting a Frat Cooler

Painting a fraternity cooler can be intimidating, but SratStar is here to help! We set out to make cooler painting easy... and that's exactly what our products do! Our specially designed sanded and primed coolers make creating custom painted coolers simple and fun. Not sure how to paint a cooler? Check out our step by step tutorials that will walk you through every step of how to paint a cooler! Maybe you need inspiration for your next custom painted cooler....check out our cooler painting ideas and customer painted coolers! SratStar is your one stop shop for everything cooler painting!

New Orleans Inspired Frat Painted Formal Cooler

Cooler Painting Ideas

Painted Coolers

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Cooler Painting Tutorials

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Ultimate Paintbrush Guide

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I love not having to sand or prime my cooler! It makes the process much easier and cheaper than buying all the materials myself!

Lexi Wilson

I’ve painted a couple coolers and SratStar saved me so much time.

Jensen Black

The cooler came in two days and was so easy to paint that I even finished a day early!