Ultimate Paintbrush Guide

Our SratStar paintbrush set includes 10 paintbrushes total in 4 different paintbrush styles: Linear Detail, Round Rigger, Filbert, and Flat Shader.  Each of these brushes have a different use during the cooler painting process! Choosing the correct brush is the first step in achieving the look that you have in mind for your custom painted cooler. 

PaintBrush set Details

Liner Detail Brushes:

Our SratStar paintbrush set includes 2 linear detail brushes. The liner detail brush is perfect for creating fine lines or small detail work. For the brush to work effectively and to get extra precise lines, thin your acrylic paint with 2 parts paint, 1 part water. This will create the ideal consistency for the paint to come to a nice point on the tip of the brush and create beautiful fine details on your painted cooler!


Linear Detail Brushes

Round Rigger Brushes:

Our SratStar paintbrush set includes 3 Round Rigger brushes. The round rigger brush is ideal for creating lines of various thicknesses. You can apply more pressure to the brush to achieve a thicker line or less pressure to achieve a thinner line. This brush is ideal for freehand work on your painted cooler that doesn't require consistently thick lines or fine details. 


Round Rigger Brushes

Filbert Brushes:

Our SratStar paintbrush set includes 2 Filbert brushes. The filbert brush is ideal for shading and blending. The Filbert brushes are also great for creating natural leaves, flowers, or other similar shapes. These brushes can also be used for freehand work and building texture on your painted cooler. 


Filbert Brushes

Flat Shader Brushes:

Our SratStar paintbrush set includes 3 Flat Shader brushes. The Flat Shader brush is perfect for creating crisp, consistently thick lines or filling in larger shapes while maintaining the crisp outline of the shape. These brushes are ideal for filling in logos or large text outlines on your painted frat cooler. Make sure the brush does not get overloaded with paint or you will not be able to achieve the crisp lines. 

Flat Shader Brushes


Try out your SratStar brush set and let us know what you think! Drop a question or comment in the section below! 

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