DIY Paint Palette Ideas

So you got your cooler, paint, sealant and everything you need to paint your fraternity formal open your paint only to realize that you forgot the paint palette! It happens to the best of us, but luckily we have compiled a complete list of DIY paint palettes that you can use instead! When you forget your paint palette, look around for these common household items that you can use instead!

5 Ideas for a DIY Paint Palette

1. Solo Cups

We love solo cups as a substitute paint palette for multiple reasons. For one, solo cups are pretty much a staple at any home, so you likely have a couple lying around. Secondly, solo cups make mixing colors super easy. Thirdly, cleaning up is super simple because you can just toss them when you are done painting your cooler. 

Pro Tip: The bottom of the solo cup holds a surprising amount of paint so be mindful of how much paint you use to avoid throwing away excess paint!

Solo Cup DIY Paint Palette


2. Plastic Shot Glasses

Similar to solo cups, we also love using plastic shot glasses! If you have them lying around, these are personally my favorite DIY paint palette because they have all the benefits of solo cups but are smaller so they are a little easier to manage and you will end up waisting less paint while cooler painting.

Shot Glass DIY Paint Palette


3. Paper Plate

Paper plates are a great substitute when you don't have a paint palette! Paper plates are easy to dispose of and make clean up a breeze. However, unlike cups, mixing paint on paper plates is slightly more difficult and the plate will absorb some of the paint, so you will waste a little more paint. 

Paper Plate DIY Paint Palette


4. Cardboard Slab

If you are out of all disposable cups, glasses, and plates, you can also use a piece of cardboard from an old cardboard box! We love this idea in a pinch because almost everyone has some old cardboard lying around! A cardboard paint palette is super easy to clean up.

Cardboard DIY Paint Palette


5. To-Go Container

If you are anything like me, you probably have 2-3 to-go boxes in your fridge. If you are in a pinch, clear out the to-go box, give it a rinse, and use to as a make shift paint palette for your next painted cooler! 

To-Go Box DIY Paint Palette


Do you have any more ideas for items that could be used as a DIY paint palette? Let us know in the comments below and show us how your painted coolers turn out!

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