How To Assemble your 48Q Painted Cooler

Our SratStar coolers have easily removable and attachable parts which is just one of the  reasons that make our coolers the easiest cooler to paint! Removable parts allow you to paint and seal your cooler without getting paint and sealant on surfaces that you don't want. Our 48Q cooler is our most popular cooler for fraternity formals. We will show you how easy it is to assemble your 48Q painted cooler for your next event.


Assembling your 48Q Paintable Cooler

To fully assemble your cooler you will need to install your drain plug, attach your handles, and re-attach your lid (if you removed it before painting). Make sure your cooler sealant is completely dry before attaching any parts to your cooler. 


Installing your Drain Plug

Your drain plug consists of two parts which need to be screwed onto your cooler. To install your drain plug, grab the threaded drain and the stopper plug. 

48Q paintable cooler drain and plug


Place your threaded drain on the inside of the cooler and press it through the hole located on the side of your cooler. Push the threaded drain in as far as possible, compressing the rubber seal.

48Q Paintable cooler drain


Put the stopper plug into the hole in the cooler from the outside of the cooler. 

48Q paintable cooler stopper


Press the threaded drain and stopper plug together and rotate the stopper plug clockwise. You will feel the threads engage and the two parts will screw together creating the seal and drain mechanism.

 48Q Paintale cooler stopper install

Attaching your Handles

Your 48Q SratStar sanded and primed cooler also comes with 2 handles and 4 pins. To attach your handles, place the handle in between the two brackets on either side of your cooler. Make sure the handle is pressed all the way against the cooler and that the holes in the brackets are aligned with the holes in the handles. 

48Q Paintable Cooler Handle Assemvly 

Push the pin through the hole in the cooler bracket and through the handle, securing the handle in place. Repeat until all 4 pins are pressed into place. 

 48Q Paintable Cooler Handle Pin

Re-Attaching your Lid

If you removed your lid before painting and sealing (which we recommend), you can reattach your lid by screwing the hinges into your lid and cooler body. 

48Q Paintable cooler Lid 

Watch our Video Tutorial: How to assemble your 48Q Paintable Cooler


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