How To Glitter a Martini Tumbler

We are obsessed with our paintable Martini Tumblers, so we created this tutorial showing you how to create a glittery martini tumbler! We love this idea for a custom painted gift which would be perfect for big little reveal, a sister's birthday present, or even bachelorette party favors! Follow our step by step guide to glitter your martini tumbler. 


Making a Glittery Martini Tumbler

Step 1: Purchase a Ready to Paint Martini Tumbler

Our Paintable martini tumblers have already been sanded and primed and completely prepped which means you don't need to do any prepping! You can open and begin glittering your martini tumbler! This saves so much time and money and you won't need to worry if you prepped your tumbler correctly!


Paintable Martini Tumbler


Step 2: Brush Your clear coat onto your Tumbler

Since our SratStar Martini Tumblers are already prepped, we can start by brushing on a thin layer of clear coat. I used our SratStar non yellowing sealant (link Below). The clear coat will act as a sort of glue for your glitter. It is important to choose a clear coat that dries completely clear or your glitter will become dull due to the coloring in your clear coat. 


Martini Tumbler Clear Coat


Step 3: Pour on the Glitter

Once you have coated your tumbler in your chosen clear coat, pour glitter over the entire surface. Make sure to place a paper plate or loose piece of paper below your tumbler to catch the excess glitter. You may need to add more clear coat to places where the glitter is not sticking and repeat this process several times in order to get your entire tumbler totally glittered!

Martini Tumbler Glitter Pour


Step 4: Let the clear Coat and Glitter Dry 


Leave your Glittered martini Tumbler to dry for at least 12 hours. This will solidify the clear coat and make sure you glitter is really held onto your Martini Tumbler.



Step 5: Seal Your Glittered Martini Tumbler

After your Glitter has completely cured, use the rest of your clear coat to brush over the glitter. This will provide a protective layer for your glittered martini tumbler and will make sure your tumbler won't chip or degrade in the sun or water! 

Martini Tumbler Glitter Seal



Step 6: Enjoy Your beverage poolside or beachside in your Glittered Martini Tumbler!

Martini Tumbler Enjoy Drinks

Products Used:

Paintable Martini Tumbler

SratStar Non Yellowing Sealant

Craft Glitter: Dark Rose Pink

Craft Glitter





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