How to Paint a Martini Tumbler


Martini tumblers are the must have poolside, beach weekend, and tailgating accessories. Keep your drink cold during hot days and never misplace your drink again. We will show you how to paint and seal your custom painted martini tumbler that will last for years to come!


Painting a Martini Tumbler

Step 1: Purchase a Ready to Paint Martini Tumbler

Sanding and priming is the single most important step to preparing any material for painting. An martini tumbler that has not been prepped correctly will result in paint chipping. No one wants to spend hours planning and painting their tumbler, only to have it chip! We apply our proven sanding and priming process to our martini tumblers that make your custom painted tumbler last for years!


Paintable Martini Tumbler


Step 2: Paint Your Base Layer

I painted this martini tumbler in our SratStar yellow and pink stripes! Painting the background of your tumbler will make sure all parts of the tumbler are painted after you paint your designs. 

Base Layer- Painted Martini Tumbler


Step 3: Copy Text and Images on Your Tumbler

Copying text and images onto your martini tumbler is easy with our SratStar transfer paper! I cut small pieces of the transfer paper out and taped my text and transfer paper onto my martini tumbler. I then traced over the text with an ordinary pen, which left a graphite transfer on my martini tumbler. Using the transfer paper makes copying text and images easy and fast!

Image Copy- Painted Martini Tumbler

Step 4: Paint Images and Text

Once you have transferred all your text and images onto you martini tumbler, fill in the design with your paint to complete the design. I chose to do text and fill in with black paint. You can repeat this process as many times as needed if your design is more complex. Make sure your paint has fully dried before copying more text and images. 

Pro Tip: After your paint dries, wipe your tumbler with a damp cloth before the next step to remove any excess graphite that may be on the surface. 

Painting- Painted Martini Tumbler


Step 5: Seal Your Painted Martini Tumbler

Sealing your martini tumbler is another important step in the process! Sealing your martini tumbler will provide a protective clear coat and lock the paint onto your tumbler. If you coat with our SratStar Sealant, your martini tumbler will be protected from sun, water, and wear!

Seal- Painted Martini Tumbler



Step 6: Enjoy Your beverage poolside or beachside in your custom painted Martini Tumbler!



Watch our Video Tutorial: How to paint a Martini Tumbler 

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