How to Remove the Lid from your 26Q Cooler

Removing the Lid on your 26Q sanded and primed paintable cooler is easy! All of our coolers have removable lids which is just one of the features that make SratStar coolers the best coolers for painting! Removing your lid is an important step in the cooler painting process and allows you to make a more precise and exact cooler design! We recommend removing the lid of your SratStar cooler before beginning the painting process. Removing the lid prior to painting will allow you to fully paint your lid without getting paint on any other surfaces. You will also be able to paint the lid while the cooler dries and vice versa without fear of smearing the drying paint. This will also allow you to seal your cooler without accidentally sealing your lid shut!


Removing the Lid from your 26Q Sanded & Primed Cooler

Your SratStar cooler is specifically designed to allow you to remove your lid for painting and sealing. The lid of your 26Q Cooler is held in place by two pins that extend from each side of the lid. The cooler body has holes that the pins on the lid fit into. To remove the lid, you need to disengage the cooler lid pins from the holes in the cooler body. Follow along for a step by step guide


Step 1: Open the Lid to the Vertical Upright Position

Opening the lid to upright position gives you the best leverage to disengage the lid pins from the holes in the cooler.  

Remove 26Q Cooler Lid Upright

Step 2: Press firmly inward and upward on one side of the lid 

The cooler lid should slide all the way against the opposite side of the cooler body. Pushing firmly inward and upward from this point will give the cooler lid pins enough clearance to disengage from the cooler body holes. 

26Q Paintable Cooler Remove Lid Press


Pressing the lid inward and upward will allow the pin on the lid to escape from the hole on the cooler body, detaching your lid! 


Removing your lid is a simple and painless process with SratStar's paintable coolers. Removing the lid from your cooler before you paint and seal your cooler makes the cooler painting process much easier. Removing the lid is also essential for techniques like water marbling and other popular cooler painting techniques. 


Reattaching your SratStar 26Q Painted Cooler Lid 

Reattaching your lid as just as simple as removing it! Put the lid in the upright position again. Insert one of the lid pins into the corresponding cooler body hole. With one lid pin in the hole, move the other side of the lid towards the front of the cooler until the diagonal lid can fit inside the cooler body. Once the lid is diagonally inside the cooler body, press the angled side of the lid towards the back of the cooler, until the lid pin finds the hole on the cooler. The pin will snap into place and you will be able to open and close your cooler lid again with both lid pins engaged in the cooler body holes. 


For more guidance, watch this video tutorial showing exactly how to remove the lid from your 26Q painted cooler.  Want more cooler painting content? Drop us a question comments  and watch our video tutorial!


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