How To Seal Your Painted Coolers

Sealing your cooler can be extremely stressful! You have spent days and weeks planning and painting your perfect cooler... the last thing you want to do is mess it up on the last step! Keep reading for a step by step guide to seal your fraternity painted cooler.


Why Do I  Need to Seal my Custom Painted Cooler?

Sealing your cooler is an important step in the cooler painting process. It is the last and final step and locks your paint onto your cooler. Your sealant provides a protective layer to protect your cooler from water, UV, and damage!

Which Cooler Sealant Do You Recommend? 

There are lots of sealants on the market, but only one made specifically for cooler painting, our Non yellowing Cooler Sealant. We love our sealant because it is 1 easy step, requires no mixing or measuring, and can be brushed on! Other sealants like Envirotex and Famo-wood are much more difficult to apply. Both of these sealants require you to precisely measure each component before mixing. If this step is done incorrectly, the sealant won't dry and will leave your cooler permanently sticky. We wanted to take out all the guess work and provide an easy to use non yellowing clear coat sealant!

 painted cooler sealant



How to Seal a Painted Cooler?

Step 1: Remove all parts on the cooler that should move independently! 

If you didn't remove all lids, hinges, and spouts during the painting process, make sure to remove them before sealing! You don't want your lid to get sealed shut! 

Step 2: Open SratStar Cooler Sealant

Open the Sealant. stir thoroughly, and pour entire contents into  a separate container (glass is best).

Step 3: Brush the SratStar Cooler Sealant Over Your Whole Cooler

Do not overwork the brush as this can cause the sealant to cure too quickly, possibly leaving visible brush marks. It is best to brush an area with SratStar Cooler Sealant and move on immediately versus brushing an area over and over again.


Step 4: Let Your Cooler Dry

After applying the entire contents of your SratStar Cooler Sealant to your cooler, let your cooler dry for 24 hours or until completely non-sticky.

Step 5: Re-attach Your Removable Parts!

Re-attach your lid, handles, hinges, spouts and any other parts that were removed before sealing!


Congratulations! You now have a beautifully painted cooler that is sealed to last for years to come! 


Need more help? drop us a question comments or watch our video tutorial!

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