How to Copy Images Onto Your Painted Coolers

Have you ever seen a beautifully painted fraternity cooler and wondered...."how did they get their images so crips, clean, and perfect"? This post will give you a step by step guide on how to copy images onto your painted cooler!


What you will need:

 How to Copy Images onto a Painted Cooler

Step 1: Find the Image you want to put on your cooler.

Logos, fonts, and graphics tend to turn out really well. Greek letters and crests also can use this technique! For this tutorial, I printed out our SratStar logo that I want to transfer onto our 48Q Sanded and Primed Paintable Cooler. 


Step 2: Print the image

Print the image in the size you want it to be on your painted cooler.

If your image is more than one page, it helps to tape the pages together.


Step 3: Place our SratStar Transfer Paper black face down

Our SratStar Transfer Paper is large enough to cover an entire side of all of our sanded and primed coolers. 


Step 4: Place your image on top of the transfer paper

Place your image where you want your image to be on your frat cooler. Taping the image to the transfer paper and the transfer paper to the painted cooler will make tracing easier. 


Step 5: Trace over all the lines in your image

Using a pen or pencil, trace over all lines to transfer the image to the painted cooler. 


Step 6: Remove the transfer paper and image

The SratStar transfer paper will leave a light tracing on your painted cooler! The SratStar transfer paper can be reused over and over again on multiple sides or multiple fraternity coolers.


Step 7: Paint your image

Choose your desired colors and fill in your logo or image on your painted cooler with as little or much detail as you want.


Step 8: Enjoy your beautiful custom painted cooler!

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