Ideas for Frat Formal Gifts- Besides a Cooler

Painting a cooler is the most popular fraternity formal gift, but from time to time, we get questions asking for inspiration for other types of gifts for a frat formal! Sometimes, your date may have too many painted frat coolers, or maybe you don't quite have enough time to fully paint a whole cooler and want to do something faster or easier! Maybe you are just looking for a creative gift to mix it up...well read on for fraternity formal gifts that aren't a painted cooler!

Frat Gifts...that aren't a Painted Cooler


If you aren't wanting to paint a full size cooler, painting a flask can be a great alternative! Your date can still take and use this on his formal and your can customize it to fit his interests! 

Painted Frat Formal Flasks

Chug Jug

Another great alternative to a painted cooler is a chug jug! This smaller version of a cooler is much easier and faster to paint and is perfect for beach weekend! We love the idea of making his and her chug jugs for the beach so you don't have to worry about sand in your mix drinks!

Fraternity Formal Chug Jug cooler

Beer helmet

If your date is oozing with personality and a little on the silly side, paint him a custom beer helmet. This will definitely get a laugh and is guaranteed to be a one of a kind gift for his frat formal!

Beer Helmet Frat Formal

Custom Coozie

If you are looking to avoid crafting altogether, order a custom coozie! Sometimes the fraternity will sponsor custom coozies for their event, but how cute would it be to get 2 custom coozies personalized for you and your date! You could do initials, an inside joke, or quote from a favorite movie or song! 

Custom Frat Formal Coozie

Shot Ski

Shot Skis are a great alternative to painted coolers especially if you are going on a ski weekend! We love the idea of custom painting a shot ski for the event! Your date will be able to use it during their formal but also for years to come and a shot ski also makes a cool decoration for the dorm or frat house!

Shot Ski Frat Formal

Shot Glasses

If you are looking to do something a little smaller and easier to transport, custom painting shot glasses is a great alternative! You can paint them all in a certain theme or choose a different interest for each shot glass! You can use the same acrylic paint to paint your shot glasses and bake them in the oven to lock in the paint. 

Frat Formal Shot Glasses

Painted Tumblers

Painted tumblers are also a great alternative to painting an entire frat cooler. We love this idea because he can use it on his frat formal for mixed drinks but also take it to class any other day!  You could also do his and her tumblers to have matching cups at the event and after!

Painted Tumbler Frat Formal

Painted Liquor Bottle

Booze is always a great gift! Level up this idea by custom painting the liquor bottle to commemorate the event or decorating with things your date loves will definitely set you apart! He can bring the liquor on the event and enjoy all weekend and then keep the bottle as a cool decoration and memento once the weekend is over! 

Painted Liquor Bottle Frat Formal

What are other ideas that you can paint instead of a cooler? Drop us your suggestions in the comments!

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