Other Reasons to Paint a Cooler...Besides a Frat Formal

While cooler painting started as a greek tradition that centered around fraternity formals and semi-formals, the tradition has spread to many other events!  Painted coolers make amazing gifts because they can be completely customized for any event or person!  Check out these great reasons our customer's have found to paint a cooler!

Reason to Paint a Custom Cooler (besides a Frat Formal)

Paint a Cooler for Father's Day

No grill session is complete without a custom painted cooler. Doesn't your dad deserve a totally customized cooler to keep his beers cold while he fires up the grill?

House Divided Painted Cooler Idea for Dad



Favorite Sports Team Painted Cooler idea for Dad



Drone Flying Painted Cooler idea for Dad



Music Cassette Tape Painted Cooler idea for Dad


Paint a Cooler for Mother's Day

Mom deserves a gift just for her! She will love that you invested time to make something that she will love. 

Favorite Family Photo Painted Cooler idea for Mom


Legally Blonde, Friends, The Office Painted Cooler idea for Mom


It's 5 O'Clock Here Painted Cooler idea for Mom


Paint a Cooler for Big-Little Reveal

Big Little Reveal usually involves buying a basket and filling it with all kinds of gifts for your future little. How awesome is this big little basket that is actually a painted cooler!?! 

Big Little Reveal Basket Painted Cooler Idea
Srat Hard Painted Cooler Idea for Big-Little Reveal

Paint a Cooler for a Wedding Gift

We love this trend of painting cooler for weddings. What a perfect way for the happy couple to remember their big day!
To Have and Hold Painted Cooler Wedding Gift Idea
Dog I Do Too Cooler Wedding Gift Idea
To Have and Hold Painted Cooler Wedding Gift Idea
To Have and Hold Painted Cooler Wedding Gift Idea
Woodgrain Names Painted Cooler Wedding Gift Idea

Paint a Cooler for Yourself!

You know how awesome painted coolers are, so why not customize it for you!?

Collage Painted Cooler ideas for yourself

Princess, Barbie, Kesha Painted Cooler Ideas for Yourself

Rainbow and Glitter Painted Cooler ideas for yourself
White Claw, The Office, Painted Cooler ideas for Yourself

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