Unique Cooler Painting Ideas

Are you looking for some ways to step up your painted cooler game and make your cooler one of a kind?! We compiled a list of unique ideas for a painted cooler that you will love! Try these ideas out on your next frat cooler and let us know how they turn out! 


Rope wrapped handle

This idea is so cute and could be a whole theme for your cooler! You could go nautical or country themed! We love this idea because it gives a little something extra to the cooler. You can accomplish this look by purchasing rope at any craft store and hot gluing or super gluing the rope on the handles! Be careful not to glue the handles to the cooler though!

Rope Wrapped Painted Cooler

Bottle Caps in the Bottom of Your Painted Cooler

We love this idea because whenever the cooler recipient opens the cooler, there will be a little extra touch of details to take his or her breath away. The pictured example is so great; we love the American flag idea and think this would elevate any cooler to the next level! To Implement this concept, place a small amount of glue on the rim of the bottle caps and place them into the bottom of the cooler. Pour epoxy over the bottle caps until the bottle caps are completely covered. 

Bottle Cap American Flag Painted Cooler


Lights in the cooler

Lights in your cooler will definitely take your painted cooler to the next level!! We found these LED lights on amazon for $14.99 by Brightz. These lights come in a variety of colors and are waterproof so you can place them at the bottom of your cooler! Get your lights here

Painted Cooler Lights


Do you have any other unique cooler painting ideas that will raise the cooler painting game? Comment below and let us know! 



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