What Make SratStar's Coolers Special?

 After years of struggling through the cooler painting process, I decided that there must be a better way...so SratStar was born. When I was looking to paint a fraternity formal cooler, I noticed that there weren't any coolers on the market that were really ideal for painting. Every cooler at the store required hours or prepping and required altering my design to fit the indentations, cup holders, logos, and textures. SratStar created the one and only cooler that is designed to be painted! 

Our Cooler Design

Since SratStar coolers are designed to be painted, we included features in our cooler that make painting your cooler easier! No other cooler has our features so SratStar coolers are the easiest coolers to paint!


No Logos

One of our biggest complaints with traditional coolers are the large logos located right in the middle of the front surface. These logos are a huge hassle and require extra prep work or creativity to avoid the logo. We thought, what if the only name on your painted cooler, was the one you painted?! Let's get rid of the logo and show off our brand in other ways like quality and design!

Frat cooler with logo

Flat Sides

Another issue we found with traditional coolers are the indentations. Most cooler have indentations for various reasons like cupholders, handles, and design. but when it comes to painting a cooler, the flatter the cooler, the better! So, we took this feedback and make the flattest coolers ever! Our coolers have flat sides which make painting a cooler as easy as painting a canvas!

Falt Sides Frat Cooler

No Rough Texture

Some coolers have extreme textures that make them difficult if not impossible to paint! We decided that our coolers would have no rough textures, that way we could better control the sanding process and ensure that our coolers are not over sanded!

Rough Texture Frat Cooler

White Base

Traditional coolers are notorious bright colors like blue and red! When we tried to paint these coolers, it took SOOO much primer to cover up the color underneath just to get a white base! With our SratStar white coolers, we can use much less primer which is better on your wallet and better on our environment!

White base frat cooler 

Our Sanding and Priming Process

After perfecting our cooler design, we wanted to perfect our sanding and priming process to make sure our coolers made your paint last longer than any other cooler! We did many trials of our process before settling on our market leading sanding and priming process.



We have gone through numerous trials of different sand paper grits, sanding duration, sanding pressure, sanding equipment, and sanding techniques in order to land on our proven process that is guaranteed to make your painted cooler last longer with less chipping!


Automotive Grade Primer

Painting plastic parts is extremely common in the automotive industry, so when we started our company, we started our process search with understand best practices in the world class automotive industry. We understood their process and their superior primers allowed them to achieve excellent adhesion to plastic! So we took a lesson from their book and sourced the very best automotive grade primer for our plastic coolers! 


Have any questions about our one of a kind coolers? drop us a line in the comments below!



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