Ideas for Big Little Baskets

One of our favorite times of the year is upon us: BIG LITTLE REVEAL! There is no denying that getting your big and little is one of the most magical days! With big little reveal comes the big little baskets! Here are our top ideas for your big little basket this year! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Paint a Cooler for Your Big Little Basket!

We love the idea of painting a cooler for your big little reveal! Most people fill a basket with all their gifts, but how cute is it to custom paint your future little a cooler and fill it with all her gifts!! We love these big little coolers for inspiration! 

Big Little Cooler Basket


Big Little Reveal Themes we Love!

Choosing your big little theme can be challenging but we are here to help! Our advice when picking your big theme is starting with the outfit! What outfit do you want to wear? This is a foolproof way to make sure you get adorable pics on your reveal day! Another idea is to choose a theme that you are your little bonded over! Is there a movie or activity that you bonded over and immediately knew that this girl would be your little? If so... make that your theme! Still in need of some more inspiration? Check out these reveal themes!

Victorias Secret theme: Pink, robes, and angel wings, this is guaranteed to get you adorable pics!

We also love this crayola theme. The hats are too funny and we love that every tier of the family gets a different color!

What about a Great Gatsby theme? Yes the movie is a few years old at this point, but dressing as a always a yes!

Lastly, what about mermaid theme? Isn't it every little girl's dream to be a mermaid? Why not make that dream a reality at your big little reveal!


Big Little Reveal Themes

Big Little Basket Stuffers!

Matching Tumblers

These tumblers are so cute!! We love the colors and that they match!! These would be an easy addition to throw into your big little basket! 

Bit Little Tumbler


If you are a little craftier, you could paint her a martini tumbler! These cups are so cute, we absolutely love them! Custom paint one for your little and one for you!




Greek Letters

Your new little won't own any greek letters yet, so giving her a set of these glittery greek letters will be a huge hit! You can customize them to match your little's dorm room aesthetic! 
glittery greek letter
Looking to craft your own greek letters?! We love these mirrored mosaic greek letters!! If you don't know your little's dorm room aesthetic, these will match just about anything!
Mirrored Mosaic Greek Letters

Greek Sherpa

While we love the basket stuffers, it is a great idea to throw in one or two really useful or nice items! We love this sherpa because the greek embroidery is subtle but cute and these look so cozy for fall and winter! 10/10 would recommend for your big little basket!
Greek Sherpa

Big Little Crazy Straws

I mean these are just so cute...and can you imagine the photos, talk about insta-worthy! We love these straws to put in your big little reveal basket!


Big Little Crazy Straw

Trendy Throw Pillow

Such a cute addition to you big little basket! This adorable throw pillow will give your a little a small touch of greek for her dorm and we absolutely love the style! This pillow comes in all different sororities! 

Greek Throw pillow

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