About Our Sanded and Primed Paintable Coolers

Easy Paint Body

Our coolers are the only coolers on the market that are designed for painting! That is why our coolers have no logos and are the flattest coolers in America. You wont need to fit your design around the cooler because ours is made to be as flat as a canvas!


Professionally Sanded and Primed

Our coolers are professionally sanded and primed by industry experts. We combine a knowledge of cooler painting, plastic engineer, and painting expertise to provide a cooler that is made to help your paint stick. We use automotive grade primer to prime our paintable coolers to ensure that your custom painted cooler will last for years to come!


Removable Parts

Our coolers have removable parts that make painting and sealing easy. The lids on all of our coolers are removable. Our water spouts and handles also can be easily removed on our 48Q Paintable cooler. We recommend removing the lid of our coolers before painting to ensure you only get paint where you want it and don't accidentally seal your lid closed!