Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about SratStar's Coolers?

SratStar coolers are the ONLY Sanded and Primed ready to paint coolers! We don't buy other brands coolers and try to make them paintable. We developed our own cooler design and prepping process! Our process is proven to make your paint last longer! We are one of a kind.


Why do I need to Sand and Prime my cooler

Sanding and priming your cooler correctly is the MOST IMPORTANT step in the cooler painting process. Without sanding and priming, the paint will chip off in one use. There is nothing worse than spending hours painting your cooler only to have it chip in 10 minutes. If anyone is claiming that the cooler doesn't need to be sanded and primed...RUN.

What happens if I don't sand and prime

Your beautiful paint will chip. ....Even if I seal it? Yep! even if you seal it...the paint will chip if you don't sand and prime. 


Can I get a group discount?

Yes! Ordering as a group is easy and everyone can pay separately using our power buy ordering system. Learn more on our about our Group Discount


Can I remove the Lid of my SratStar Cooler?

Yes! All of our coolers have removable lids! For our 48Q the lid can be removed my unscrewing the hinges on the back of the cooler. For the 26Q cooler, the lid can be removed by sliding the cooler lid to one side and pressing with the thumbs inward on the lid. 


What should I seal my cooler with?

We recommend Our Non-Yellowing cooler sealant! It is the perfect amount for our cooler sizes so you don't need to mix or measure. It also won't yellow over time like other sealants. 


What is SratStar's Shipping Policy?

We offer free 1-3  day shipping on all of our coolers!! We ship anywhere in the continental United States. We ship all of our products same or next day!


What is SratStar's Return Policy?


We currently do not offer returns. 



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