How To Paint your SratStar Fraternity Formal Cooler

Step 1: Order a SratStar Cooler

Our coolers are the only sanded and primed, ready to paint cooler! If you have ordered a SratStar cooler, congrats you get to skip all the prep work!

Step 2: Remove the Lid

Remove the lid from your SratStar cooler to make painting and sealing easier! To remove the lid on the 26Q cooler, open the lid to the upright position, press the lid to one side by pressing firmly with your thumbs on the lid, the lid pin will disengage from the cooler. For the 48 coolers, simply unscrew the hinges to remove the lid.

Step 3: Plan how you want your cooler to look!

You can print out logos, graphics, or free hand your design. If you need inspiration check out our 101 Cooler Painting Ideas!

Step 4: Transfer any logos or printed graphics onto the cooler!

Simply place our transfer paper face down on your cooler, place the printed logo or graphic over the transfer paper and trace the outline and details on the printed logo or graphic. The transfer paper will leave a copy on your cooler that you can paint!


Step 5: Paint your cooler!

Use any acrylic paints and go wild! Fill in your traced logos, free hand new designs, and have fun! Paint one side at a time!

FAQ: What paint should I use to paint my cooler?

We recommend any acrylic paint. There are plenty of craft acrylic paints available at walmart, target. Michaels etc. We usually use brands like folkart, apple barrel, or craft smart. 


Step 6: Let your cooler fully dry!

Leaving it overnight is always a safe bet! If you are in a pinch, you can use a hair dyer.... but don't get too close to the cooler!


Step 7: Seal your cooler!

You spent time, energy, and money on this, so lock that paint on! Our Non Yellowing Cooler Sealant is easy to apply and won't yellow over time! Instructions on how to apply our SratStar Non Yellowing Cooler Sealant are here!

Step 8: Re-attach your lid!

After your sealant has completely dried, attach your lid back onto your cooler! Attach handles and plug on our 48Q Cooler.

Step 9: Have Fun!

Fraternity Formals are a blast! Have a great time and tell your friends about SratStar!