Group Discount

Want a Discount? 

Our paintable cooler are often used for frat formals. Since so many friends, sorority sisters, and groups go to formal at the same time, we offer a group discount that allows you to save by ordering together!  Our powerbuy system makes ordering as a group easier than ever. Simply begin the powerbuy by purchasing your cooler. Share the powerbuy with your friends on social media, email, or text. When your friends join your powerbuy by purchasing their coolers, everyone will unlock discount tiers. The more friends who join, the higher discount tier you unlock! Everyone in the group can order separately so you never have to worry about splitting the bill or chasing down money from friends! 

Watch this video to find out more!



Discount Tiers:

2-10 Coolers: 5% off

11-19 Coolers: 10% off

20-49 Coolers: 15% off

50+ Coolers: 25% off

 Our discount tiers apply to any and all of our sanded and primed coolers and kits! For examples, if 3 of your friends want the 48Q sanded and primed cooler and you would like to buy the 26Q paintable cooler kit, you can use our powerbuy system to all get 10% off!


Group Discount FAQ:

Can we mix and match products? Yes! You can mix and match any of our sanded and primed coolers and any of our paintable cooler kits to unlock discount tiers!


Do we have to pay on the same credit card? Nope! One major advantage to our power buy system is that you are your friends can all pay for your own orders separately. You don't need to chase down your friends or ask them to pay you back!


How do I know what discount I received? Once you start a powerbuy, your friends have 24 hours to join the powerbuy. Once the 24 hours is up, the total number of coolers will be added up and the discount tier will be applied to everyone's order!


I purchased a cooler with powerbuy but I don't see a charge on my credit card. Did my order go through? When you place your powerbuy order, you will receive an email confirmation. Your credit card will not be charged until after the powerbuy ends in 24 hours ensuring you get the correct discount tier!


How do I tell my friends to join my Paintable Cooler powerbuy? once you purchase your cooler, you will be given links that you can share via text, social media, or email. Reach out to as many friends to unlock the most discounts!


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