Non Yellowing Cooler Sealant Instructions

About SratStar Cooler Sealant:

SratStar Cooler Sealant is a high performance, rock-hard, non-yellowing, water-clear topcoat, designed to be brushed over your custom painted SratStar cooler. SratStar Cooler Sealant is a permanent, moisture cured, clear coat that is designed to perform in the toughest environments without yellowing or cracking. Our Cooler Sealant requires no mixing or hardener additive. SratStar cooler sealant cures without heat or UV lights in temperatures from

50-82° F (10- 28° C).

To achieve best results, please take the time to carefully read and understand the following directions. These directions are meant to be general guidelines. If you have remaining questions or concerns, please email us for assistance.


How to Seal your Cooler

Work in a well ventilated area and always use protective gloves and eye wear.

  1. Remove the lid from your SratStar cooler or any parts you want to move independently.
  2. Open SratStar Cooler Sealant, stir thoroughly, and pour entire contents into  a separate container (glass is best).
  3. Brush the SratStar Cooler Sealant over all areas you wish to seal. Do not overwork the brush as this can cause the sealant to cure too quickly, possibly leaving visible brush marks. It is best to brush an area with SratStar Cooler Sealant and move on immediately versus brushing an area over and over again.
  4. After applying the entire contents of your SratStar Cooler Sealant to your cooler, let your cooler dry for 24 hours or until completely non-sticky before reattaching the lid or other removed parts. After 4 days your cooler sealant will be a fully cured, non yellowing, durable, clear coat.


Safety Instructions:

  1. Alway use protective gloves and eye wear.
  2. Work in a well ventilated area
  3. Apply SratStar Cooler Sealant to clean and dry cooler surfaces using a paint brush

Ideal application temperatures are 50-82°F (15-28°C). Use only in moderate to dry atmospheric conditions. Avoid rainy or high heat/humidity conditions. DO NOT PAINT OUT OF CAN! Do not shake can. Stir thoroughly & frequently. Pour the contents of the container into a separate container (glass is best)



ALWAYS WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA. Apply SratStar Cooler Sealant to clean and dry cooler surfaces using a paint brush. It is not recommended to use a foam brush as it will absorb much of the sealant. SratStar Cooler Sealant has self-leveling characteristics, so brush marks will flow out nicely as long as you quickly brush the sealant on and move on. When brushing, apply covering coats, AVOID PUDDLING OR POOLING. Always do a test area first before doing the actual area.


IMPORTANT: Remember SratStar Cooler Sealant must be cleaned up before it dries. It cannot be removed by any solvent once cured. Always wear protective gloves to avoid skin contact and temporary staining. If skin contact accidentally occurs, immediately remove with a lacquer thinner followed by soap and water. If SratStar Cooler  Sealant should stain your skin, only the course of time will remove it.


Disclaimer: Information contained herein is to our knowledge true and accurate, but all recommendations or suggestions are made without guarantee. Since application lies outside our control, we cannot accept any liability for the results. User shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use, and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.