48Q Sanded & Primed Paintable Cooler

48Q Sanded & Primed Paintable Cooler

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48Q Paintable Cooler





Our 48Q sanded and primed cooler is our most popular product!  Our coolers are unique because we developed the ONLY cooler that is ready to paint right out of the box. Our 48Q Sanded and Primed Paintable Cooler requires 0 prep work because it has already been professionally sanded and primed using our proven process that will help your paint last longer!  We use top quality automotive grade primer to primer our paintable coolers to ensure our paintable coolers are top quality. Our paintable coolers also have flat sides, no logos, and removable parts which make painting and sealing your frat coolers fast and easy! Simply, open, paint, and seal and your SratStar custom painted cooler will last for years to come! This is the most popular painted cooler size for frat formals. Spend more time enjoying Greek life and your college years and less time prepping fraternity formal coolers. Get your sanded and primed cooler today and start painting!

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Savannah H.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Worth the Money

So i got this cooler because i liked the connivence of it being sanded and primed. and it was the best decision i made! Paint sticks extremely well and the cooler looks amazing!! the removable handles are a major bonus when painting, no tape. no hassle.

Lizzy P.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Amazing coolers

Just finished painting this cooler.My cooler had a small dent probably from shipping and they were amazing helping me out When i messaged them about it. Super fast response still 5 stars because the cooler was super easy to paint and took all the pressure of sanding and priming off of me.

Delaney B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Cute and Easy to Paint

It was very nice! My only issue was that painting the inside and bottom became difficult but the outside was beautifully primed to make painting a breeze. Very happy overall!

Kristen S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Made painting so much easier!

I painted this & everything was smooth and easy to paint on. I recommend this if you're painting a cooler. It made the process a lot easier. I just mod podged over the paint and sprayed with KBS diamond & it turned out great.

Callie K.
United States United States
I recommend this product
A Blessing!!

Painting coolers can be fun but doing all the prep is not. I made another cooler a year ago and I was not about to take the time to sand, prime, and spackle up another cooler before painting it again.. Having the cooler ready to paint made the process so much easier!! Worth every penny!